Uncover Joy
We invite interested Corporates, Yogis, Dancers, Movement Enthusiasts and Busy people who want a time away from the running mind to a state of mindfulness, into a program which incorporates the playfulness, creativity and self-exploration.

The Space A peaceful calm place in the lap of mountain Osho Vision Rishikesh.

About the Retreat:

In our fast paced world we can connect to those who are in a faraway country with gadgets, but we forget to connect with the ones that are closer.
Our focus in this retreat is to dive deep and explore the connection between mindfulness, creativity through dance, meditation and music.

The retreat touches the aspect of mindfulness through Contact improvisation, Yoga, Meditations and Sufi music.

Contact improvisation is a free, instinctive, natural and fluid dance. It focuses on intelligence of body and listening to your own voice.

Meditation, Yoga & Sufi music brings concentration, release stress, brings balance, strength, awareness and seeing the nature of reality.

Uncover joy offers a wellness experiences, such that you return to your daily lives healthier, happier and rejuvenated.


Priyanka Barua(Contact improvisation)

Sudhanshu Shekhar (Sufi singing)

Varun Vasishtha (Meditation)



INR 3000/- regular Price (Including all courses during the retreat)
The retreat fee doesn’t include the accommodation and food for the duration of the retreat.

You can avail dorm accommodation and food facility for 700Rs/day. Many other options are also available.

Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering. We believe in making it available to everyone so feel free to write for the support. You can reach us at [email protected] for any questions, doubts & queries.