Meditation & Yoga

Osho Vision Haridwar conducts regular meditation and yoga sessions ranging from daily dynamic, white robe to special camps.

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Neat and clean rooms with all amenities are available. The rooms can be taken on a sharing or private basis. Dormitories are also available.

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The Body is a temple and needs to be fed with nutritious food. Osho believed in the concept of food meditation and ensure the right food for the same.

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Osho Vision Haridwar Motto

Osho Vision was pioneered by Maa Gyan Jyoti, a Ph.D. by qualification and an Osho Sanyasi. Maa Gyan Jyoti has spent a decade in various ashrams and realized her calling of taking a self-initiative to share what she has gained during the journey called life.

Osho Vision believes in freedom. Once freedom is being compromised in today’s world at multiple levels and to break free of the same was one of the main teachings of Osho. For once free, one can restore to his / her own true nature of joy and bliss.

Commune at its core, that too a global commune is the second motto of Osho Vision. People with different skills coming together and living freely for short or longer duration and elevating the collective consciousness.

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