Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Visiting Osho Vision

1. Working Hours:
Please call between 8:00 AM and 8:00PM Indian Standard Time (IST) to book your appointment to visit Osho Vision.

2. Can I come and stay for a day?

3. Can I stay at a hotel nearby, or make my own arrangements for accommodation elsewhere and then come in to participate in a complete program?

4. Do you have a day-care facility, in the vicinity of Osho Vision, where I may leave my kids and come for the meditations?
We allow kids below the age of 12 years.

5. Can you arrange for my pick-up?
We can arrange pick-up and drop-off.

6. If I drive down, is there parking-space available?

7. Is there any accommodation for my car-driver?

B. Payment

1. Can I pay by credit-card or debit card?
Yes, we also accept PayTM and Google Pay.

2. Can I get a refund or use my credit for another group-booking?

3. Can I get a refund or use my credit for another group-booking?

4. Can I pay in any other currency?
Yes. We accept USD, EURO, GBP and Chinese Yuan.

C. Staying at Osho Vision

1. Can I stay and just do daily meditations without participating in your programs?

2. What kind of food and cuisine is offered at Osho Vision?
Our food is completely vegetarian, non-oily and non-spicy. Most of it is organically grown. Our cuisines are Indian and Continental. We try to cater to the diverse palates of people from all over the world.

3. I’m allergic to certain food-ingredients. Do you make special food on-request?

4. Is cigarette-smoking allowed?
Only in the Smoking Temple area of Osho Vision.

5. Where can I buy toiletries close by?
There is a little shop outside the main-gate. Here you may find a supply of toiletries.

6. Is there a laundry service?

7. Do you offer any lockers or facilities for storing my valuables, passports, and cash?

8. Can I extend my stay?
Yes you can, please check with our reception.

9. Do you have work-meditation programs?
Yes we have volunteer programs and knowledge of English or Hindi is mandatory.

10, What are your policies on the use of mobile-phones?
Mobile-phones are not to be brought into meditation-sessions.

11. Am I allowed to take photographs at Osho Vision?
Yes, people can take photos everywhere in Osho Vision.

12. Can I use my laptop-computer at Osho Vision?
Yes, we have Wi-Fi available.

13. What do you recommend I pack for my stay, apart from clothes and meditation-robes?
Please carry the following:
a. Handy torch.
b. All toiletries you may need.
c. We suggest for your comfortable stay and visit around Rishikesh that you carry enough stock of
medicines you require.
d. A personal first-aid kit is also recommended.
e. Towels, umbrella, a cap or hat and sunglasses.
f. Sunscreen lotion: the mountains often have a high level of UV index.
g. Locks for your personal bags.


1. What level of health-emergency facilities are available?
All India Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital is available at a distance of 9 kms from our center.

2. Is there a well-stocked pharmacy or chemist-shop nearby?
Yes, it is a 10 minutes walk from our center.